How To Potentially Turn a Small Account Into a Large Account in Less Than 6 Months By Following A Simple Set of Rules…

Dear Trader,

Hello, my name is Todd Mitchell from Trading Concepts, and by the time you finish reading this short letter, you will know what it will take for you to potentially grow a small trading account into a very large account in less than six months trading options.

You see, I’ve taught well over 35,000 regular people just like you since 1994 how to become better and more consistently profitable traders, and once they understand the basic principles of options trading and start to see the amazing profit potential, my valued students ask me…

“Todd, what do you think is the absolute best way to start trading options if I do NOT have a huge trading account to start with?”

That’s a fantastic question, one that I would ask too!

You see, when I first started trading way back in 1988 I only had a little bit of money to work with. So I know what it’s like to start small, while wanting to have the potential to massively grow your trading account as quickly as possible. Or for those of you that already have a large account and want to devote a small portion of it to options trading, that’s fine too – I definitely recommend that.

Either way, I’m sure you want to know the absolute best way to trade options if you’re starting out with a smaller account.

So I recorded a step-by step training program that shows you exactly how to potentially turn a very small account – as little as $500 to $1,000 – into a much larger account in a very short period of time…

A good start at improving your trading…

While I’m sure you’re already making a good start at improving your trading, it still can be pretty dangerous out there. As we all know, a few misguided moves can destroy trading accounts in a matter of hours.

That’s why I teach all of my students that it is ESSENTIAL to have multiple tools in their trading toolboxes. The market presents hundreds of variables daily… if we don’t have the tricks of the trade to keep up, we’re toast.

I want to bend your ear for a minute about Options.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Options before. Maybe you’re already using them right now. Maybe you’ve had some success with them, but want to get more consistent? Or maybe you’ve tried them but got too many losses in a row and decided to take a break.

Or, and I hope this isn’t true, but maybe you got into options, had your account destroyed and vowed never to go back.

The Options market can do that to those who go in without the right arsenal of tools.

There’s another side to that though:

Options can also deliver Double, even Triple-Digit Gains in a Matter of a Day or Two.

But only if you have the right kind of roadmap, one that holds your hand every step of the way.

That my friends, is what I’m going to quickly run you through with you today, right now.

“Who is this trading system for?”

There’s one thing though… this roadmap isn’t for everybody. If you’re trading a huge account and are already pulling in millions in income every year, well, this is probably not for you.

It’s also not for long-term, buy and hold traders and investors either. You too can just stop here.

This trading system video course is designed for people like you and me.

Like I told you before, I’ve been trading since 1988, and back then, I only had a tiny amount of money to work with. Through intense research, trial and error and a left-brained methodical approach, I was able to grow my small account, into a very large one.

Life-changing large.

That journey took many years, but in that time I was able to standardize and formulate simple, but extraordinarily powerful methods to replicating that growth over and over and over again.

What I’m talking about now, is one of those
Powerful Trading Methods.

Now, if you’re like me, and like to trade actively or if you have a small or modest sized account that you want to grow exponentially with the least amount of risk…

This is for you.

So what is this? What’s up with these options? More importantly… what’s up with how we trade options?

There’s a lot to learn, but let me put it to you like this:

What if I could tell you how to multiply your current and most recent wins 2x?

What If I said I could get you to 3x higher… all using the EXACT same trades?

Then, to put the icing on the cake, what if I could triple your earnings and at the same time minimize the exposure you have in the marketplace?

Because you took a risk and invested your time and efforts in me, I want to reward you with the answers to those questions.

My answer does more than multiply your earnings and minimize your risk… it will be powerful enough to destroy all the pre-conceived notions you might have about options trading.

All the lies, and tricks and pitfalls will all fall away once you engage with what I’m about to show you.

Again, what I’m teaching here will NOT work if you’re already trading a massive account. This is for the little guys. The regular people who have a small or reasonably-sized account and want to grow it to a big account… FAST.

What I’m about to show, is it a magic bullet?


Will you have losing trades with what I teach you?

You better believe it.

You will have losing trades, but this is the truth:

You will have more winners than you do losers. And the losses you take will be far, far smaller in comparison to the winning trades.

More wins with bigger gains. A few losses for small amounts. It’s as simple as that.

Take a look at this so you can see what I mean:

Again, this isn’t for the big commercial traders with millions to gamble… this is for someone who has a small account, and wants to grow it into something much more substantial… quickly.

I’m normally a pretty humble guy, but since you probably want to know a little bit about me…

I’d like to cover a few things about myself &
what I do.

I’ve been trading the markets since 1988, and I like I mentioned, I started off with not a lot of money. I was able to grow that small amount into a very large amount very quickly. I did this so quickly and so consistently that I started to document my successes.

I tested. I experimented. I perfected. Then I tested again and refined things. That’s when things really started to come together.  That's when I started to build trading

systems and methodologies that delivered the same (or better) results that I found when I first started. That’s when I started Trading Concepts in 1994.

Fast forward to today… 

Now I have an office and a team of support folks where I teach and coach students from all over the world. My training course alumni are in the thousands and growing because when things work, well, word travels quick.

I know we’ve only just begun to work together, so…

I want to do something right here and right now to help strengthen that relationship.

You see, you’re still with me. That proves to me that you’re serious about becoming a better trader.

It proves that you’re interested in using options to trade smarter, safer and more profitably.

You are the type of student I want to work with. That’s why I’m going to offer you this one-time opportunity to elevate your options trading arsenal to a much higher level.

I want you to take advantage of my in-depth video course called:

How to Grow a Small Account into a Large Account in Less Than 6 Months…

With this video course you’re going to get the tools you need to double or even triple your trading returns while protecting your portfolio from a market crash.

And don’t worry… I created this video course with one thing in mind.

I wanted to explain options in a way that even a complete novice would be able to learn how to use them properly – and make a LOT of money!

So this is a video course that will get you off the ground and into expert territory… 

Where you can start earning a lot more money almost immediately!

And you’ll also get the full run-down on multiple strategies that everyone who likes making money should know and use.

I’ll Show You How to Double, Triple, Even Quadruple the Return of Each Trade You Take.

I’ll explain how you can start buying options at a discount today.

I’ll go over how to create your own dividends by using options.

I’ll show you strategies that will help keep more money in your pocket.

I’ll explain how to protect your portfolio with options…something few people know about.

And, in fact, if that’s not enough, I’ll throw in a bonus strategy for you today.

I’ll show you a proven method for generating a stream of income just by using options.

So you’ll be getting real strategies and a full-walkthrough in my comprehensive, easy-to- follow video course.

I’ll teach you what options are, how to use them, and how to Make a LOT More Money using just a few Easy Strategies.

And remember, the goal is NOT how often you can trade.

The goal is to MAKE A PROFIT… and that’s what I really focus on.

So, if you want to get started with trading options, but you don’t have a lot of money to burn or time to waste, then you’ll want to get the…

“How to Grow a Small Account into a LARGE Account in Less Than 6 Months” – video training course - right away…

Best of all, the price for this exclusive options video training course will absolutely surprise you…

Now, most of my training courses sell for anywhere between $500 to $2,500. And almost on a daily basis I get emails from students thanking me for showing them the smart and safer way to trade…while reducing losses to a bare minimum.

But because you and I are just getting to know each other, I’d like to give you a very special, One-Time Only Deal

The regular price for the “How To Grow a Small Account into a Large Account in Less Than 6 Months” training course is $497…

And that’s a steal considering the profit potential you’ll gain from this training. Not to mention how it could easily save you from losing $6,200 (or more if you trade more) in account-crippling mistakes by not knowing what to do…

After this video course, you will absolutely know what to do in nearly any trading scenario. Trust me… that type of confidence is contagious!

And it’s not going to take you forever to digest it either. It’s only three parts, and can get you massive account growth in less than 6 months.

But because I want to win you over as a student for life, and because I really do care about your success as my valued student…I would like to give you full, Lifetime Access to my video training today for just one payment of…


The normal price is $497…

My special price to you is just $7!

Only $7… less than the price of a frappuccino at Starbucks.

Why only $7?

Why am I giving this to you at a loss?

Again… it’s because I want to build a relationship with you and be a personal part of your journey to trading success. That’s why I got into this business in the first place: to help regular people like you and me trade just as successfully as the big market makers.

Plus I’m from Michigan, and it’s just in my midwest attitude to help the little guys stick it to the big guys. It’s just what I do.

Most importantly though, I love seeing my friends and students crank up their very modest accounts into huge powerhouses that compound profit day after day.

It’s addictive, especially when it happens so quickly.

Like everything in life, there is one catch…

This is a One-Time Only offer – good for Today Only.

I hate to do that, but because I am offering this at a loss, I can’t do it for very many people. If you leave this page without taking advantage of this, you’ll miss out forever…

Remember, it’s just $7 and you’ll get a step-by- step plan showing you exactly how to grow a small account into a much larger account into less than six months video training program…

So, all you have to do is Click the “Add To Cart” button below to get started right away…I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

For now, this is Todd Mitchell, wishing you all the best in your trading.

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Yours in trading success,

Todd Mitchell

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