presents Extreme PROFIT Alerts...

Copy My Exact Trades & EARN an Exceptional
Passive Income From Your Trading!

I’m going to keep it real simple for you. Each month I will send you approximately 4-7 trades that I’m personally taking myself. All you have to do is copy my trades and EARN an Exceptional Passive Income.

$100,000 to $419,689 In LESS Than 18 Months!

Here Are Just A Few Trades

December 20th 2017

In 12 Days

April 12, 2018

In 15 Days

March 21, 2018

In 20 Days

Get Approximately 4-7 Trade Alert's
Per Month Via Email & Text

Receive a trade alert via email and text whenever I place a new trade complete with the reason behind it and clear profit objectives and stop loss levels. You will also get another alert when I close out the position so you know EXACTLY when to exit the position …ABSOLUTELY NO GUESSWORK!

Hey everybody, Todd Mitchell here…

I’m trying something different with just a handful of subscribers in my inner-circle and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to start profiting immediately. There’s going to be no need for you to learn anything new (i.e. going thru tons of videos, PDF’s, millions of charts, etc.) – you’ve already been through tons of courses and educational material, right? I want to make this as simple and easy as humanly possible and give you exact trades that I’m personally entering myself.

You see, I’ve teamed up with two top traders (who work on Wall Street) that have been long-time good friends of mine dating back to the years when I first started trading back in 1988. We got to talking and decided to team up and combine each of our trading strengths to create an incredible trade service that I’m calling Extreme PROFIT Alerts.

The results have been nothing short of amazing – as you’ve already seen on this page:
$100,000 to Over $419,689 in less than 18 months!

It's Real SIMPLE, Here's How It Works - 2 EASY Steps...

1. Receive An Extreme PROFIT Alert...

You will receive an Extreme PROFIT Alert via text & email when I go to place a LIVE trade myself along with other valued subscribers.

2. Login To Your Broker & Place the Trade...

Receive the trade alert & simply place the trade & profit right alongside myself & others!

There’s not a whole lot more to tell you – the ​RESULTS ​Speak for ​Themselves…

The question is: Are ​You ​Ready to ​Get on ​Your ​Way of ​Becoming a MILLION Dollar Trader?

Let ​me do the hard work of finding great trading opportunities for you while you place the trades and YOU keep all the PROFIT.

What if you had a team of experienced traders who are already profitable do all the work for you and clearly tell you exactly what to trade? Combined market experience of over 70 years…

Skip all the years of trial and error and hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses and get access to hedge fund level research already available to you.

I think you would agree that would be a game changer..

I Will Let You Know Exactly What To Buy Before It EXPLODES!

As you know, Trading Is All About Finding An EDGE & Using It To Outsmart the Market... ​That's ​Exactly ​What ​We're ​Going to do ​Here ​With
Extreme PROFIT Alerts.

Are You Ready to Be On Your Way Of Becoming A MILLION Dollar Trader?

Choose Your Plan & Start Receiving Your Extreme PROFIT Alerts Today!


per month

Up to 7 alerts per
   month (depends on market)

> SMS & Email Alerts
> A LOT of Analysis & Research Behind Every

> Very High Accuracy

> Access for 30 Days


per month (paid yearly)

Up to 7 alerts per
   month (depends on market)

> SMS & Email Alerts

> A LOT of Analysis & Research Behind Every
> Very High Accuracy
> Access for 365 Days

What You Will Be Getting?

Why spend hours a day and go through all the trial and error when you can simply sit back, relax and trade our well-researched trade alerts? Here's what you get...

> Up To 7 Alerts Per Month via Email & SMS

I'm going to keep it real simple. We do all the hard work so you don't have to. A lot of analysis and research goes into a trade before I send it to you. All you have to do is place the order with your online broker and you're done!

> EXIT Alerts So You Know When To Get Out

A buy alert is useless if you don't know when it's time to take your profits or cut your losses. I will of course ALWAYS send you an exit signal for every single trade.

> Finally EARN Real Money Trading

Stop losing money following strategies that don't work and start earning a real good income by simply placing a trade or two a week (sometimes more, sometimes all depends on market conditions & profitable opportunities setting up).

> Ask Me Anything…Anytime!

Have a question about a trade? Need help opening an account or placing your first orders? As you know I'm always here to help when needed - you  just need to ask.

NO Fluff, NO Advanced Training's. Just REAL Trades that either work or not. HONEST & SIMPLE!​

Numbers Don't Lie Either.
Here Are All Trades Since the Beginning of 2017.

Click image above to view bigger

WAIT, I Still Have Some Questions...

How can I follow your alerts?

Like I mentioned above, you will receive an SMS text message and email whenever I put on a new trade. All you have to do is login to your broker and put on the same trade as me. When I exit the trade I will send you another message right away. Simply exit the trade and you will have successfully copied my trade! If you follow all my trades consistently then you will have almost identical results to mine.

Do you trade using real money?

Yes! Unlike a lot of other trade advisory services who only trade on demo accounts, I use my own real money to trade every single alert I issue you.

What if I decide to cancel?

No problem! Just send me an email and your account will not renew at the next term…as simple as that. No contracts, no commitments, no questions asked.

I have some more questions, can I talk to someone?

Of course! I would love to hear from you. Just either email me or call me and I would love to answer any remaining questions that you may have.

How much capital do I need to have in order to start?

You can successfully start following my trade alerts with an account as small as $1,000 to $3,000, so it really depends on your own personal situation. Your goal should be to grow your account to a real big account over yes you can start small and really grow your account.

How many alerts will I receive?

Expect to  receive around 4 to 7 alerts per month. Sometimes more and sometime less depending on the market of course and the trading opportunities that I (we) find.

What kind of strategy do you use to find these trades?

Me and my two hedge fund buddies use a variety of strategies depending on market conditions. My two associates do research, they spend a few hours on each pick - then I take those & do my own analysis for entries and's really a fantastic blend of different, but very effective,  trading talent.

How long do you keep trades open?

It depends on the trade but usually no longer than 4-6 weeks.  Of course there are times where the trade lasts longer, and times where it doesn't last nearly that long (a few days maybe) -- it all depends on market conditions.

How many trades do you keep open at the same time?

I keep a maximum of 6 trades open at the same time. Each position I allocate 17% of my portfolio.

Can I trade options on your trade recommendations?

YES, for sure. I would say 75% of the stock trades I call out are optionable.  So YES you can trade options on most of the trades that are given.

Are You Ready to Be On Your Way Of Becoming A MILLION Dollar Trader?

Let me do all the hard work of finding fantastic trading opportunities for you while you simply place the trades and Keep All The PROFIT…It’s That EASY!


per month

Up to 7 alerts per
   month (depends on market)

> SMS & Email Alerts

> A LOT of Analysis & Research Behind Every Trade

> Very High Accuracy

> Access for 30 Days


per month (paid yearly)

Up to 7 alerts per
   month (depends on market)

> SMS & Email Alerts

> A LOT of Analysis & Research Behind Every Trade

> Very High Accuracy

> Access for 365 Days

Alright, There You Have It...

Don't Miss Your Chance to Participate in
Extreme PROFIT Alerts for this
ONE-TIME Introductory Offer Before
All Spots Are Taken!

There's not much more I can say about Extreme PROFIT Alerts, I truly believe it's all spelled out nicely for you on this page. If you still have questions after going through this entire page please do not hesitate to reach out, I would be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Like discussed on this page, you will receive a SMS text message and email whenever I put on a new trade. All you have to do is login to your broker and put on the same trade as I issue you. When I exit the trade I will immediately send you another message right away. Simply exit the trade and you will have successfully copied my trade! If you follow all my trades consistently then YOU should have almost identical results to mine.

I want to make this as EASY as humanly possible for you to make money right alongside me. Once again, if you have any further questions after going through this page feel free to either call me directly at (248) 320-1115 or email me at

Have a fantastic day and I hope to see you on board! 

Yours in trading success,

Todd Mitchell, CEO & Founder of Trading Concepts

P.S.  Be sure to PARTNER me inside Extreme PROFIT Alerts where you'll have access to a 100% Complete Done-For YOU trade advisory where there's nothing for you to do except place trades when I issue them to you...NO need to reinvent the wheel or sit in front of your computer.

P.P.S.  Only 1 out of every 100 readers of this page will be accepted...will you be one of them?  If so you'll have the opportunity to Copy My Exact Trades and EARN an Exceptional Stress-Free Passive Income from your trading!  I hope to see YOU inside!   

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