Strategies Working BEST In Today's E-Mini Market

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There's No Need to Stare at Your Computer All Day... Learn How To EARN A Consistent DAILY Income In The First Hour of Trading!

The Opening Bell Income Strategy is a Proven, Documented, Real-Time FORMULA that’s been "Battle-Tested" in Up, Down & Sideways Markets that YOU can Trade with a Small Account!

When was the last time you saw a strategy this consistent?

The equity curve above represents over 700+ total trades.

The Opening Bell Income Strategy is the Way to TRADE SMARTER in Today's E-Mini Market!

These Strategies Are Working Fantastic in Today’s E-Mini Futures Market & Will Provide YOU with the Knowledge & Skill Set You Need to EARN a Consistent Income in the First Hour of Trading.
The Opening Bell Income Strategy
Learn how to create your own "insiders view" of the big picture context of the market, read the market internals, determine key trading zones, and also learn advanced trading tactics and trading strategies for maximum profit with minimal risk.
This program is for (day) traders like you looking to make a Consistent DAILY Incomeeven if you have a full-time job & trade a small account. You WILL learn how to safely & predictably profit like the professionals.
​In this program you will learn...
  • How to easily determine the “big picture” context of the market so you’re always trading on the right side.
  • How to easily identify Key Trade Zones so you’re able to pinpoint high reward & low risk trading opportunities.
  • Intraday Trading Tactics and Strategies so you know whether or not to fade, enter on a break through, or enter on a pullback to Key Trade Zones.
  • Simple trade management strategies so you’re not getting stopped out too early or too late.
  • The best and most reliable methods for taking profits trading off of the Key Trade Zones.
  • How to use Market Internals to look “under the hood” and see who’s really in control (the bulls or the bears).
  • What to look for in Pre-Market Trading and how these clues often provide a road map of how the trading day will likely play out… and so much more.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can I Trade the E-Minis if I Have a Full-Time Job?

Absolutely! In fact, most of my students have jobs. Many students focus on spending just a couple of hours a day trading in the morning until they have more free time to continue trading into the afternoon.

There are certain times in the morning when the market becomes incredibly predictable… those are the times where you want to capitalize on profitable trade set-ups. You only need to spend 1 to 2 hours in the morning to grow a small account, supplement your income, and/or potentially EARN a full-time income.

The beauty behind the Opening Bell Income Strategy is that the same trading tactics and strategies can be applied to any market and in any timeframe so… you're definitely not limited to only trading the E-Mini futures. You can trade other markets the same way you’d trade the E-Mini S&P.

Most of our students average between $125 to $375 per day trading the Opening Bell Income Strategy.

  • What if I'm New to Trading the E-Mini S&P?

This program is for all traders, ranging from total beginner to someone who is advanced and wants to further refine their skills. Truth be told, new traders typically do better with this program because they don’t have any bad habits to break. Starting with a clean slate is an advantage for many traders.

  • How Much Money Is Possible to Make Trading The Opening Bell Income Strategy?

For most traders with an account size of $10,000 or more, the initial goal is $250-$500 a day. If you have less than $10,000, your goal is $125 - $250 a day. Understand, you’ll have days where you'll hit your goal, other days where you might post a loss and a few where you exceed your goal.

Our primary objective is to teach you consistency by showing you how to make a consistent daily income using smart strategies for maximizing your profits and reducing your losses (ensuring your results remain consistent). As you increase your consistency and account size, We'll show you advanced techniques for trading multiple contracts and increasing your goal even more to make even more money.

  • I've Struggled to Make a Consistent Daily Income, Will This Really Work?

YES… ABSOLUTELY! Not only will you receive the complete Opening Bell Income Strategy course A to Z, but you’ll also get access to the Opening Bell Income Strategy DAILY (OBIS DAILY) where, each morning, before the market opens… you’ll receive Craig’s Pre-Market Analysis and Key Trade Zones. 

At the end of each trading day, join Craig and other traders, like yourself, for a LIVE Market Video Recap and LIVE Q&A Coaching Session. During this time, Craig will walk you through the trades that set up during the trading day and how to apply the trading tactics and strategies that you’ll be learning in the Opening Bell Income Strategy.

In addition, you’ll have access to over 3 years of archived instructional videos and historical charts. With everything you get... it would be near impossible to fail!

You can access the OBIS DAILY for FREE when you PARTNER with US right now!

Our Goal with the

Opening Bell Income Strategy DAILY (OBIS DAILY)

is to Help YOU...

Determine the Best Entries & Exits for Your Trades so that YOU can Confidently Pull the Trigger & Execute Your Trades & Take Your Day Trading to a Higher & More Profitable Level.

We want to help you eliminate any confusion that you may have about reading and understanding the market so that you can confidently pull the trigger and execute your trades. Our goal with the Opening Bell Income Strategy DAILY Pre-Market Analysis & Key Trade Zones with DAILY LIVE Market Video Recaps and DAILY LIVE Q&A Coaching Sessions is just that... and to help you accelerate your learning of the Opening Bell Income Strategy.

Every morning Craig does his homework in preparation for the trading day!

He performs his Pre-Market Analysis and determines his Key Trade Zones. Determining accurate Key Trade Zones for the trading day ahead is vital for pinpointing high probability entries and exits and provides for better reward-to-risk trades.

As a member of the Opening Bell Income Strategy DAILY... we do all of the heavy lifting!

Each morning, you will receive a chart of Craig's Key Trade Zones before the market opens (TradeStation users can download Craig's workspaces directly from the members area). By following along, each morning, you will learn a systematic approach for coming up with your daily routine so that you’re more prepared, disciplined, and consistent. You’ll also learn how to come up with potential scenarios that are likely to play out during the trading day. You want to do this before the market opens so that after the opening bell… your main focus is trade execution!

Be Coached DAILY, Step-by-Step, through each Trade Set-Up & Learn Exact Entries, Stop Placement, Profit Objectives, & Complete A to Z Trade Management that Will Allow YOU to Learn, Think, Act, & Execute Like A Professional Trader!

Each OBIS DAILY LIVE Market Video Recap is crammed with trading education. You'll see Craig's charts, where to enter trades, where to place stop losses, how to manage trades, and where and when to take profits. Furthermore, he will talk you through this entire process. You hear why trades are taken and why other trades are skipped – just as if you were “inside his head.” During the OBIS DAILY LIVE Q&A Coaching Session, you can ask any question you want and all your questions will be answered.

Learn the Skills on a Daily Basis to Help YOU Become a Consistently Profitable Day Trader & Speed Up Your Learning TENFOLD!

As a member of the Opening Bell Income Strategy DAILY you will receive...

FULL Unlimited Access to the Members Area,

DAILY Pre-Market Analysis & Key Trade Zones (updated every morning in the Members Area before the market opens) to help prepare you for the trading day, and

DAILY Market Video Recaps (we meet on-line each day Monday through Friday at 4:00pm ET) to go over the day’s price action and trade setups providing you with even more insight and continued education so as to help reinforce and expedite your learning of the Opening Bell Income Strategy.

DAILY LIVE Q&A Coaching Sessions (we meet on-line each day Monday through Friday right after the DAILY Market Video Recap) where we spend time together and discuss the day's price action and trade setups. During this time, we'll answer any questions that you may have about the trades that set-up in the E-Mini S&P 500 futures contract that day, answer any questions related to preparing for the trading day, using the market internals, and/or any other questions. You'll hear and learn from other traders as well. If you have a microphone we encourage you to participate in our discussions.

You WILL gain the Confidence, Discipline, & Patience You Need to Become a Consistently Successful & Profitable Day Trader…

This is a Great Opportunity to come & Develop Your Trading Skills Further!

The Opening Bell Income Strategy Combined with the OBIS DAILY Gives You Everything You Need To Generate Daily Income… Consistently!

    UNLIMITED Access to the Opening Bell Income Strategy Private Members Portal - The Opening Bell Income Strategy is delivered ONLINE! You’ll get 24/7 access to over 15 hours of video instruction and group coaching session Q&As where we explain everything, in great detail, including TONS of actual trade setups, entries, exits, and trade management examples so you can easily see how to apply these trading strategies. Everything is disclosed and there's nothing held back.

    The Opening Bell Income Strategy is a 3-hour and 40-minute recorded video tutorial (including a PDF for you to download and follow along with the video, take notes on, or reference) with detailed step by step video instruction of actual trade setups... including entries, exits, and trade management examples.

    This training comes with 4 pre-recorded “look over my shoulder” LIVE Trading Days and 7 pre-recorded LIVE Q&A Group Coaching Sessions to help you further accelerate your learning & real-world application! No more guesswork! It's all very clear and concise and, more importantly, easy for you to apply immediately!

    UNLIMITED Personal Email and Phone Support – We're here to help you every step of the way! If you have any questions about the Opening Bell Income Strategy, just give us a call or email us; after all, that's what we're here for... to help YOU become a consistently profitable E-Mini futures (day) trader!

    Access to the OBIS DAILY - Depending on which Option you choose (1 Month or 6 Months)... you'll get immediate access to the OBIS DAILY Members Portal, an archive of over 3 years of video instruction and historical charts. Each morning, you’ll receive Craig’s Pre-Market Analysis and Key Trade Zones and at the end of the trading day… join Craig and other fellow traders for the LIVE Market Video Recap and Q&A Coaching Session. It’s practically one-on-one mentoring!

Leverage Over 40 Years of Professional Trading Experience to Help You Achieve Consistent DAILY Income

Todd Mitchell

Craig Hill

The Opening Bell Income Strategy & OBIS DAILY were created to help the average retail (day) trader, just like you, generate consistent daily income with low risk per trade. It uses the same time-tested, proven trading strategies that professional full-time traders use.

At This Time ONLY 35 Traders Like YOU Will Be Accepted… So Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To PARTNER With Us!

The Opening Bell Income Strategy is only open to the first 35 Traders like you… who seek to EARN Consistent Daily Income. Once all 35 membership slots are taken… the doors will close and you will miss your opportunity to PARTNER with Craig and me.

If you procrastinate… your opportunity to generate DAILY Income will be gone.

Enroll in the Opening Bell Income Strategy & OBIS DAILY Today!

This is your opportunity to start (day) trading the E-Mini S&P 500 futures market and start generating daily income with low risk, high profit potential trades like the ones shown in the equity charts you’ve seen throughout.

Act now and get instant access to the Opening Bell Income Strategy Mentoring Program before all 35 PARTNER membership slots are taken.

Don't Miss Your Chance...

Enroll In the Opening Bell Income Strategy & OBIS DAILY For This LIMITED ONE-TIME Offer Before All 35 Spots Are Taken!

Alright, there you have it… if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at or Craig at With everything you get... combining the Opening Bell Income Strategy with the OBIS DAILY... it would be near impossible to fail! 

Craig and I would love for you to PARTNER with us :-).

Have a fantastic day and we hope to see you inside!

Yours in Trading Success,

Todd Mitchell & Craig Hill

Let us show you how Quickly & Easily it will be using the Opening Bell Income Strategy & OBIS DAILY to Generate Reliable DAILY Income…

What Just A Few REAL Traders Are Saying About the Opening Bell Income Strategy & OBIS DAILY...

Craig, Thanks for your work, (along with Todd) of developing the OBIS trading program. My sense is that you are really on to something with the OBIS. Not using any chart indicators and relying only on price action and trade zones is a great concept. Then using market internals for trade confirmation increases the probabilities of success even greater."

Elden M. 
Burnaby, British Columbia

I've completely enjoyed logging into OBIS Daily since I first enrolled. I'd say that paying attention to the market internals has been one of the biggest advantages I've picked up from your course. Thanks for putting the emini course together, your instruction is top notch, keep up the great work as I'm sure many more traders will benefit as I did."

Peter B. 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thanks so much for your insight shared each morning. This will be my second full week since joining and it is extremely helpful. I made 9.5 points today so far, thanks again. Thanks for all your help!"

Jeff H. 
Aurora, Colorado

I have received market profile training in the past but found it loaded with overcomplicated methods and expensive plugins I did not really want to purchase. The simplicity you teach with these concepts is great and I am able to keep everything within ThinkorSwim, which I like a great deal. I hope the rest of your students have enjoyed the training as much as I have. Thanks."

Jeff B. 
Sunbury, Ohio

Dear Todd, I just wanted to say thanks for offering this excellent trading course at a very affordable price. I just signed up for it today, and have looked it over. Great stuff! This is how the markets really work, I am sure.. I have taken a similar course done by excellent guys, but, your course is simply more accessible for me, and is just what I need right about now. I really like the straightforward presentations, the clean looking charts, and the methodology, which I know is sound."

James K. 
Houston, Texas

Let us show you how Quickly & Easily it will be using the Opening Bell Income Strategy & OBIS DAILY to Generate Reliable DAILY Income…

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